Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary Scholarship Luncheon

LTSS held a Scholarship Luncheon on Wednesday, September 21st to celebrate all of their donors.  The Home Mission Foundation (HMF) and North Carolina Lutheran Men in Mission (NCLMM) were invited to attend.  The lunch and program was preceded by a worship service in Christ Chapel.  Rev. Dr. Brain Peterson, Professor of the Bible and Mission Chair (established by NCLMM and HMF) was the presider and preacher of the worship service. 

Representing NCLMM and HMF were the following, (L to R)
Hal Derrick, HMF, Terry Edwards & Bob Wright, NCLMM, Seminarians Steven Hoyle (NC Synod) and Kevin Burke (SC Synod).  Both Steven and Kevin were recipients of HMF scholarships.

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