Planned Giving / Estate Planning: Remembering Mary Lou Seagle Cline

From the Reader’s Forum of the Lincoln Times-News, 6-16-14

Remembering Mary Lou Seagle Cline

Mary Lou Seagle Cline was a kind, humble and caring Christian lady who lived on the Seagle family farm in Vale, and was a lifelong member of Daniels Lutheran Church. She passed away last August at age 95. She had been married to Ira Cline, a well-known Lincoln County citizen who predeceased her. I had the privilege of serving as executor of her estate, and I just want the community to know of her kindness and generosity. Cline, through her will, gave significant monetary donations to Daniels Lutheran Church, Pleasant Grove Methodist Church (Ira Cline’s church), Christian Ministry of Lincoln County, Habitat for Humanity, Hospice, United Way, the Historical Society, Red Cross, Lutheran Brotherhood, Baptist World Hunger Fund, Cancer Fund and Heart Fund. Most of these funds will benefit Lincoln County citizens directly, and for that we are most appreciative, and we want to remember Mrs. Cline, and also her like-minded generous brother, Paul Seagle, who predeceased her.

Kendall Smith, 

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“The Founders’ Legacy” Published in “The Lutheran” Magazine


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Excerpt from the article:

The Home Mission Foundation (HMF) is a nonprofit organization that serves Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in cooperation with the North Carolina Synod, its congregations and the North Carolina Lutheran Men in Mission.

The main mission of HMF is to advance the kingdom of God in North Carolina by administering funds from donors for the purpose of grants and low-interest loans to Lutheran congregations in North Carolina; grants and scholarships for education of pastors; and for other religious, educational and charitable purposes.

Lutheran men and women, filled with the Spirit, telling the good news and sharing God’s peace and joy with others through the world. Can this be real? Yes, it is!

The photo of four vessels shown here depicts, from left to right, the four dimensions of HMF’s ministry: Gift Fund, Professorship Fund, Revolving Loan Fund for congrega- tions, and Scholarship Fund.

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History of the HMF book available now

book_coverLiving Vessels: A History of the Home Mission Foundation, written by the Reverend Dr. H. George Anderson, has been published and is now available.

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