Welcome to the Home Mission Foundation

The Home Mission Foundation (HMF) administers funds from donors for the purpose of grants and low interest loans to Lutheran congregations in North Carolina, grants and scholarships for education of pastors, and for other religious, education, and charitable purposes. We are a non-profit organization with our main mission to advance the kingdom of God in North Carolina by providing loans, grants, and scholarships.

Those pictured are: Front Row, Rev. Dave Fox, Russ McKittrick, Vice President, Home Mission Foundation. Back Row: Steven Hoyle and Terry Edwards, Trustees of the Endowment

One such donor was Ms. Sarah Roof, a life long member of Daniels Lutheran Church in Lincolnton, NC. Upon her death, her estate established the “Roof Mission Endowment Fund” which is administered through Daniels Lutheran Church. Her instructions were to divide the proceeds equally with half going to Home Missions and half to Foreign Missions. Therefore, in July 2017, a gift of $10,000 was given to the North Carolina Lutheran Men in Mission Loan and Gift Fund and the Home Mission Foundation. Reference this to the Planned Giving tab.

From this site, you can view news and announcements from HMF, read an overview of HMF and what it stands for, view the current Directors and Committees, and even view a list of loan recipients over the years.

We look forward to communication with the public about our activities, efforts, and initiatives. Please visit often to read new infomation about the Home Mission Foundation, and visit our Contact Us page if you have questions or need to speak with us.